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attackofdcowards said: waaa~ Hi there :D i saw your post about that giveaway.. but.. what i'm more interested is how is it that you'd teach English there in Korea. waa~ how? :) i also teach English to Koreans but I only do that here in my country. waa~ :)

Hello :D

Well this summer I’m going to teach at a summer camp for 4 weeks. My university has a partnership with the Korean government to send Arizona State undergrads to teach at this camp (around 30 of us are going). This is a unique opportunity though, to teach in Korea there’s different ways you can go!

If you haven’t graduated (from university) yet there’s the TALK program. (link) This program is for students with 2 years of university, a good academic standing, and desire to experience Korea :) In this program you teach in an after school program 15 hours a week. Your airfare and housing is included, as well as a 1 month orientation before you go teach, in addition to a ~$1,200 stipend a month. A pretty good deal! You won’t be teaching in Seoul though, the program aims to teach in more “rural” communities, although Korea rural doesn’t necessarily equal US rural, it just means it’s a smaller cities than Seoul and Busan. This is the program I’m aiming for next Spring :)

If you already graduated you can take the hagwon or the public school route (EPIK). Which is a whole other ball game haha But you need a degree and passport from a major English speaking country.

Ask away if you want more information haha although this is kinda long already


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tagged #attackofdcowards #ask #korea #korean #teaching english #TALK
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